Unleash the Power of Parenting

The Power of Parenting

Thursday, 26 November 2020

Unleash the Power of Parenting

Unleash the Power of Parenting

Sensitive, responsive parenting is the single most important benefit children can receive during their early years.

- Vulnerable Children, 2002, Dr. Douglas Willms, editor

The most important influence on a young child's social, emotional and intellectual well-being is the type of parenting he or she receives. Our research on parents and parenting informs us:

  • Parents want to do the best job possible.
  • They believe that being a parent is the most important undertaking of their lives and they understand how critical a role they play in the development of their children;
  • They often struggle with the knowledge, skills and confidence to be successful; 
  • They often feel vulnerable, unsupported and isolated, and they are afraid to ask for the help they want – and need.

As a society we are beginning to realize the significance and scope of this universal issue and why we need to act now. Children are not reaching their potential and parents are struggling – both of which have a real cost to society.  

Dr. Charles Pascal, in his June 2009 report says: “The science strongly indicates that if managed properly, a public policy commitment to improving children’s development will have transformative social and economic effects.”  

Unleashing the power of parenting is an opportunity to ensure better outcomes for children, create healthier communities, improve productivity and build a stronger future for all Canadians. We know what parents want and need, we know what problems are generated for our children if we do not respond to their parents’ needs and, most importantly, we know how we can begin to address this critical social issue.

Invest in Kids’ believes that by transforming the way we prepare and support parents in the most important undertaking of their lives, raising a child, we can make a positive change.


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