Comfort, Play & Teach Activity Programs

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Wednesday, 25 November 2020

Comfort, Play & Teach Activity Programs

Comfort, Play & Teach Activity Programs

The Toddler Edition

This six week interactive program engages both parent and child with fun-filled, developmentally-appropriate activities. It helps to build parents' knowledge and confidence about their toddler's development while it also provides and opportunity for parents and their children to connect with others in a community-based, group setting.

The 6 sessions of the Activity Program include:
1. About Comfort, Play & Teach
2. Learning about Numbers and Counting
3. Learning about Creative Art
4. Learning about Language and Literacy
5. Learning about Science and Nature
6. Learning about Music and Movement

The Activity Program package includes:

11 Participant Guides - 65+ pages of activities and information for parents. PREVIEW

1 Facilitator's Guide - 12 page booklet explaining the program and why it's important for development. PREVIEW

1 Additional Resources CD
- includes a Comfort, Play & Teach presentation and speaking notes for the first session of the program

1 Training DVD - a "how to" guide for delivering the program in your community.


Here's what parents and program facilitator's are saying about the program!

"The Program was very straight forward and easy to understand. I felt reassured by a lot of the things we discussed. The concepts are straightforward, basic and easy to apply to everyday life."
- Mother of an 18 month old

"I love to learn about children's development and how to cope as a parent. Most of the time it's hard to know if you are doing the right thing and it helps to hear that other parents feel the same way and that there are strategies to use." – Mother of an 18 month old

"I really like the book that we got to keep. It gives parents lots of good ideas. I enjoy the songs and the interaction with all of the children. My daughter loves coming here and socializing." - Mother of a 2 year old

"There were lots of moments where all of us were reminded of how everyday activity provides teachable moments. Thank you."
- Program Facilitator

"I loved the PowerPoint and the brainstorming for Comfort, Play & Teach. They worked very well and the parents gave great feedback. I like the practicality of the "If you do this, your child will..." The material is simple, not directive or wordy. I also love the speaking notes that come with the slides." - Program Facilitator

"The program gave parents good information about brain development and about the importance of understanding how children learn through play and what the parents role is in this." - Program Facilitator

Play the video below to preview the segments of the Training DVD.


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