The Power of Parenting

Thursday, 12 November 2020

Social Development: 25 to 30 Months

Social Development means being able to make friends and get along with others, work as part of a team and be a good leader. These skills are all built on self-confidence, cooperation and trust.

Typical Skills
  • Establishes self as separate from parents, saying, “No! Me do it!”
  • Displays shyness around strangers and in outside situations
  • Likes to play near other children but not yet able to play co-operatively
  • May pull hair, hit or bite other children when frustrated
  • Becomes aware of gender differences
Emerging Skills
  • Helps put things away
  • Approaches new person after you have talked to them
  • Begins to show more readiness for co-operative play
  • Is more able to wait patiently for needs to be met by others
  • Knows own gender, and that of others

If you do this:

  • Praise everyday experiences and encourage positive behaviour
  • Provide safe opportunities to assert independence
  • Read stories to your toddler about ways people care about each other
  • Know you notice her and develop a feeling of self worth
  • Know she is a separate person but that you are there to help her if needed
  • Begin to understand the actions that go with caring and how to get along with others
If you do this:

  • Provide opportunities to go to the park and play in the sand with other children
  • Invite one peer over to play for a short time
  • Encourage your toddler to play with his dolls and pour them drinks
  • Feel a sense of belonging in a group
  • Begin to develop social skills and become more able to play with others one on one
  • Begin to practice caring for the needs of another
If you do this:

  • Share a quiet activity together, such as reading a book
  • When conflicts occur, explain how her behaviour makes the other person feel
  • Encourage taking turns adding ingredients when making playdough together
  • Feel valued because you made time for her
  • Begin to learn positive ways to interact with other children and to problem-solve
  • Develop important social skills while doing a soothing and enjoyable activity