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Sunday, 20 December 2020

Crying and Upset: How can I make my child feel better?

Q:Crying and Upset: How can I make my child feel better?

When children get upset, it can be very hard on them and the people around them.

Here are several ways to make things easier on everyone:

  • Offer your child a safe quiet place to calm down, away from others, but where she knows she is not entirely alone.

  • Help your child regain control of his emotions by teaching him deep breathing and to think about good things.

  • Try to calm your child by gently changing the scene into something more positive, like baking cookies, going for a walk or cuddling together while you watch TV.

  • Encourage positive, fun physical activity, like jumping on cushions, to help release strong feelings.

  • Most importantly, try to keep yourself calm when your child is upset. Remember that you can't be helpful unless you are in control of your own emotions.

  • During your regular daily life provide a good example of coping with your own emotions by saying things in front of your child like, "I'm sure I can get through this if I slow down and think about it."