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Tuesday, 20 October 2020

Celebrate Dads with Invest in Kids Parenting Wall of Honour

Monday, June 08, 2020
(Toronto, Ontario – June 8, 2020) Dads do so much for us. From bandaging skinned knees when we’re young to giving us our first driving lesson when we’re in our teens, they are often one of the most important people in the lives of children. But many fathers, especially new dads, don’t feel supported or confident in what they think is the most important job they will ever have – raising a child. National charity Invest in Kids has a mission to help all parents gain support and confidence and to ensure that every mother and father can be the parent they dream of being.

To help Invest in Kids reach that goal we are celebrating some of the amazing parents and caregivers who have already helped set the parenting bar high. Invest in Kids has created The Parenting Wall of Honour, a webpage that acknowledges and celebrates the important work that parents do and gives our donors an opportunity to recognize important parents in their lives.

Listing your father on The Parenting Wall of Honour is a wonderful acknowledgement of the impact he has had on your life – a heartwarming gift for Father’s Day.

“At Invest in Kids we envision a country where all parents are the parents they dream of being; all children reach their full potential; and together, they are valued and supported in the communities in which they live and work,” says Invest in Kids President and CEO Nancy Birnbaum. “The Parenting Wall of Honour is a fantastic opportunity for our donors to continue to support the work that we do creating resources and programs for parents, while honouring the parents that have made a difference in their lives.”

Those interested in making a donation and celebrating a parent on the wall can visit for information on how to give and to see the many names already appearing on The Parenting Wall of Honour.

Also on the website parents will find a wealth of parenting and child development information for parents with children from 0-5, including the Father’s Day Tip Sheet developed by the experts at Invest in Kids. The Father’s Day Tip Sheet offers ways that dads can support their child’s healthy social, emotional and intellectual development during the everyday moments.

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