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Tuesday, 12 January 2021

Gross Motor Development: Your Baby at Two Months

Gross Motor Development allows a child to gain balance and bring large muscles under control in order to master physical activities. Over the next year your baby will develop various gross motor skills such as sitting, crawling, also eventually those of walking, running, climbing, jumping and generally enjoy all that his body allows him to do.

Typical Skills
  • Movements are more deliberate, for example, turns head to both sides when lying down
  • Moves arms and legs and ‘bicycles’ with legs when excited
  • Lifts head temporarily when lying on stomach
  • When sitting, keeps head erect; head may bob as she tries this out
  • Rolls from side to back
  • Muscle reflex is developing, e.g., body startles involuntarily
Emerging Skills
  • Can hold head up at 45 degree angle for a few minutes
  • Arms and legs cycle more smoothly
  • Arms move more symmetrically to reach for a toy

If you do this:

  • Blow on your baby’s tummy
  • Prop your baby on his side using a rolled up towel behind his back(stay with baby)
  • Enjoy the sensation as he works his abdominal muscles
  • Enjoy looking at the world from a different angle
If you do this:

  • Push gently against the bottom of your baby’s feet
  • Lie on your back and slowly and gently raise and lower your baby off your chest in a horizontal position
  • Kick and stretch in this resistance game and exercise his leg muscles
  • Enjoy looking at your face from a new vantage point
If you do this:

  • Lay on the floor with your baby on your thighs; then curl up to kiss her
  • Place your baby on the floor on his tummy and lie on your tummy facing your baby - call his name
  • Learn to anticipate receiving the kiss at a set interval of time
  • Try to lift his head to see your face