The Power of Parenting

Monday, 18 January 2021

New Activity: Animal Feelings

Your child experiences all kinds of feelings. How does she express them? This Comfort, Play & Teach ™ activity will provide your child with ways to show her feelings that are imaginative and fun!


You will need:
  • Space to move around



  • Begin by talking to your child about different feelings. Ask him to show you happy, sad, surprised and angry faces he can make.
  • Encourage your child to imagine being different animals. What might animals feel and what actions would they use to show their feelings?
  • Your child can roar like an angry lion, jump like a happy frog or crawl like a sad turtle. What suggestions can your child make?


Enjoy this more with Comfort, Play & Teach™:


  • Asking your child to talk about her feelings lets her know that you care about her. It encourages her to share how she feels and allows her to show concern for other people’s feelings.



  • Creative movement activities like role playing animals help your child to express his feelings. Ask him to show you how he can fly like a startled bird, splash like an excited seal or stomp his feet like a grumpy elephant!



  • By talking about and dramatizing different emotions your child will build her vocabulary and find new ways to describe and communicate how she is feeling. She will learn many words that describe different emotions.