The Power of Parenting

Sunday, 04 October 2020

New Activity: Feely Bag Game

This is a game that will encourage your child to use different senses to identify familiar things in his environment. Spend some Comfort, Play & Teach™ time with your child exploring and talking about the variety of things he uses every day.


You will need:
  • A cloth bag
  • A collection of familiar household objects (e.g., comb, mitten, toy car, spoon)



Once your child has had lots of experience using the objects selected for this activity, place them one at a time into a cloth bag. She can reach into the bag, touch the object and try to guess what it is by its shape, texture, size or even the sound it makes!


Enjoy this more with Comfort, Play & Teach™:


  • Your child can make discoveries about how she learns when challenged to explore her world using senses other than sight. This may help her to develop empathy for those who live with visual challenges.



  • Provide clues as your child touches each object, like, “This is something that you wear when it is cold outside. It is made of wool and your grandmother knitted it for you.” Playing a guessing game makes this activity more fun!



  • Asking your child to describe each object builds his language and thinking skills. If he is not sure what to say, provide some choices for him. Ask, “Is the object soft or hard? Is it round or square? Do you think it is made of metal or wood?”