The Comfort, Play and Teach Centre

The Power of Parenting

Monday, 11 May 2020

What is the Comfort, Play & Teach Centre™ all about?

The Comfort, Play & Teach Centre™ creates a physical environment that brings the framework and principles of Comfort, Play & Teach alive for parents and children. By participating in activities together, kids have fun and parents experience how simple, everyday moments can be used to fully support the healthy social, emotional and intellectual development of their child.

Comfort, Play & Teach: A Positive Approach to Parenting provides a practical and engaging pathway to Positive Parenting by showing parents how to turn everyday moments into positive parenting opportunities, opening a world of possibilities for both parent and child.

The Comfort, Play & Teach Centre's Activities

Opportunities for parents and children to interact are maximized through the variety of activities offered within the four centres which comprise the Comfort, Play & Teach Centre:

The Sculpture Centre: For designing and building fabulous creations!

The Reading Centre: For discovering how words and pictures magically combine to make stories!

The Imaginative Play Centre: Where imaginations run free with the aid of fun costumes and wacky mirrors!

The Creative Centre: For drawing and creating unique works of art, and then proudly showing them off!

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The Power of Parenting

Reading with your child

The Comfort, Play & Teach Cards:

Comfort, Play & Teach cards are distributed to parents at the Centre. They show how to take the simple moments spent in the Centre, can be turned into positive experiences that help to forge a strong parent-child relationship and support the child’s healthy social, emotional and intellectual development.

When parents comfort, play with and teach their child, be it in the Comfort, Play & Teach Centre, or at home, using the accompanying cards, they learn to recognize and support the uniqueness of their child, motivate their child to be all that he can be and establish the foundations of a lifelong warm and respectful relationship with their child.

Dr. Chaya Kulkarni
Vice-President, Parent and Professional Education
Invest in Kids