The Power of Parenting

Wednesday, 18 March 2021

New Activity: Shapes and Sizes Necklace

Stringing necklaces is a fun way for your preschooler to explore shapes, sizes and colours and to create interesting patterns. An afternoon of necklace making is a great way to enjoy some Comfort, Play & Teach™ time together!


You will need:
  • Pieces of string long enough to make a necklace
  • Tube pasta
  • Straws
  • Small pieces of construction paper in different colours
  • Scissors (for adult use)
  • A hole punch



  • Cut the straws into different lengths.
  • Cut the construction paper into shapes like circles, squares and triangles, making some small and some larger. Punch a hole into the middle of each piece to make beads.
  • Tie a length of straw to one end of each piece of string to prevent beads from falling off as your child strings them. Demonstrate how to slide the beads over the end of the piece of string.
  • Your child can add more beads until his string is full. When the necklace is complete, knot the ends of the string together so he can wear it.


Enjoy this more with Comfort, Play & Teach™:


  • Your child will feel satisfaction as he demonstrates his beading skills and completes a project. He will also proudly share information that he knows as he describes the beads by shape, size and colour.



  • As your child strings the different beads, she will strengthen her fine motor skills as she creates her own unique patterns. The necklaces she makes can be used for dressing up and pretend play!



  • Simple activities like beading can help your child to make comparisons between different shapes and sizes and to practice decision-making as he selects different beads to add to his necklace.