The Power of Parenting

Wednesday, 18 March 2021

New Activity: Lullaby Blanket

Listening to music while exploring art materials can be an excellent way to encourage your child to explore his creativity. This Comfort, Play & Teach™ activity will let you and your child dream up new ideas through creative art!


You will need:
  • A beautifully illustrated bedtime book
  • A recording of lullabies (vocal or instrumental)
  • Construction paper in pastel colours
  • Paint (tempera or water colour)
  • Brushes, crayons, markers, chalk, pastels or colour pencils that are soft colours



Read the lullaby book to your preschooler and talk about the pictures and the colours. What does your child think of the artwork? Then play some soothing music in the background as your child draws and paints. As she draws, talk to her about bedtime, and what she enjoys most about it. Encourage her to think about what makes her feel calm and relaxed and to use the art materials to create a picture that shows how she feels. She can make many drawings or paintings, and when these are complete, display them so that they look like a cozy quilt.


Enjoy this more with Comfort, Play & Teach™:


  • Painting and drawing to peaceful and calming background music can evoke different emotions and provide a way for your preschooler to express both his creativity and his feelings. Try lullabies, classical or new age music.



  • Your preschooler can explore different designs through creative art – dreamy dots, sleepy squiggles, zzzzig-zzzzags! How many other ways can you and your preschooler describe the art that she creates?



  • Listening to different styles of music can show your preschooler how different composers and musicians express their feelings. It might also help him to discover what sparks his imagination. He will discover new ways to express his ideas through creative art.