The Power of Parenting

Wednesday, 18 March 2021

Super Summer Streamers

Running outdoors with streamers is a wonderful way for your child to enjoy playing with something he created and to be physically active. Making streamers is a simple and fun Comfort, Play & Teach™ activity to enjoy together!


You will need:
  • A margarine lid
  • Scissors (for adult use only)
  • Children’s scissors
  • Ribbons or paper streamers



  • While a grown up cuts the centre out of a margarine lid, your child can cut lengths of ribbon or paper streamers. Make sure these are not too long to prevent them from dragging on the ground.
  • Tie the ribbons or glue the paper streamers to the rim of the lid.
  • Go to a park, where your child can grasp the lid and run, trailing a rainbow of colourful ribbons behind him!


Enjoy this more with Comfort, Play & Teach™:

Comfort:Comment on how your child moves with the streamers. Say, “You are running as fast as the wind!” Your child will love the attention and build confidence in his physical skills.

Play:How many different ways can your child move the streamers? Encourage her to try making circles, rainbows or zigzags and to find out all the creative ways she can move!

Teach:As you prepare the streamers ask your child to identify the different colours. Count the number of streamers he cuts. Point out which streamers are longer and which are shorter. This activity provides an opportunity to explore concepts like colour, number and size.