The Power of Parenting

Wednesday, 03 February 2021
Lots of choices and planning around this monumental event start even before conception.
Morning sickness? First ultrasound? Let us help to ease your concerns here...
Your body is changing, and so are you as a couple, as you discover what kind of parents you hope to be.
You have reached the final 3 months of your pregnancy! What do you need to know for the home stretch?
Welcome home baby! And you too, parents!

About Baby

Watch as your baby grows and develops through pregnancy – experience the many milestones you will share together when baby comes home. Learn about:
Fetal Development
Health and Wellness
Baby Gear
Caring for Baby

About you, Mom

Having a baby generates some of life’s most treasured and unforgettable moments – read on for information specifically designed for Mom!
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About you, Dad

Becoming a father is a life-changing experience – click here to begin your amazing journey, Dad!
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About you, the Couple

Take the journey together – right from thinking about having a baby – through pregnancy – and the exciting opportunity of becoming parents!
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Q & A

February 2010

Each week, we will feature questions from a parent and answer from our experts:
Question #1
Having just found out I am pregnant, my husband and I are completely overwhelmed with the amount of information available! How do we know where to start?
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Question #2  
I am in my last trimester of my first pregnancy. Do you have a list of items I should have at home when I arrive home with my baby?
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