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Saturday, 13 February 2021

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Ages & Stages Questionnaires®, Third Edition (ASQ-3): A Parent Completed, Child-Monitoring System Starter Kit

The highly anticipated new edition of the screener professionals have trusted for more than 15 years, ASQ-3 offers more than any other screening system:

  • Recommended by the experts.
  • Accurate. Rigorous research with more than 12,000 children shows that ASQ-3 is reliable and valid with high levels of sensitivity and specificity, the two most important indicators of accuracy for a screener.
  • Sensitive to autism. Retrospective research shows that ASQ accurately identifies children for further assessment who were later found to have autism.
  • Captures parents’ in-depth knowledge. Because ASQ-3 questionnaires are completed by the caregivers who know the child best, they get the most accurate results and save time, and parents become an integral part of the screening process.
  • An invaluable parent education tool. With questionnaire items linked to developmental milestones, ASQ-3 helps teach parents about child development and their own child’s skills.
  • Strengths based. ASQ-3 questionnaires reveal a child’s strengths as well as areas of concern, so it’s easier to develop a rapport with parents and share results.
  • Flexible screening anywhere. Parents can complete ASQ-3 questionnaires at home, in a waiting room, during a home visit, or as part of an in-person or phone interview
  • Efficient. 2–3 minutes—that’s all it takes to score ASQ-3 questionnaires after parents complete them.
  • Cost effective. ASQ-3 questionnaires are a one-time purchase. A single site can photocopy or print them as needed from the paper and PDF masters.

ASQ-3 includes 21 questionnaires and scoring sheets (on paper and CD-ROM), the ASQ-3 User’s Guide, and the ASQ-3 Quick-Start Guide.

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Item code 4-5140:025
ISBN 978-1-59857-041-0
Author Jane Squires, Ph.D. & Diane Bricker, Ph.D.,
Publisher Brookes Publishing Co.
Price $262.50
Seller: Invest in Kids
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