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Sunday, 14 February 2021

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With our Best Future in Mind:

Engaging Parents, Services, Communities

In January 2010, Invest in Kids co-hosted a symposium with practitioners, government and NGO representatives focused on Dr. Charles Pascal’s, With Our Best Future in Mind report. Its purpose was to begin to build support and create a dialogue around his vision of transforming community-based services for parents and children into an integrated system.  

Carol Crill Russell presented results from our Community Vitality research.

On June 15, 2009, Dr. Charles Pascal, the government's Early Learning Advisor, delivered his report, “With Our Best Future in Mind: Implementing Early Learning in Ontario.”   The report calls for a comprehensive early learning plan for Ontario that includes an integrated system of services for children and families from the prenatal period to age 12.  

For more information on this report:

Full Report

Summary of the Report

The Symposium Presentations

January 8, 2021 Symposium

Charles Pascal ~ A child and family system for Ontario: Prenatal to 12 Years (pdf)
Jim Grieve ~ Our best future: Transforming vision into action (pdf)

Carol Crill Russell ~ Invest in Kids: Vital Communities, Vital Support (pdf)
Ray DeV. Peters ~ Better Beginnings, Better Futures: A comprehensive, community-based prevention program to facilitate successful transition to primary school and beyond (pdf)
Geoff Nelson & Marck Pancer ~ Better Beginnings, Better Futures: Partnerships with Service-providers and parents (pdf)
Carl Corter & Janette Pelletier ~  Toronto First Duty: Overview (pdf)
Toronto First Duty ~ Toronto First Duty: Parents, Community and Integration (pdf)

Another joint forum on Dr. Pascal's report also took place on January 19th.

Presentations from this Joint Forum on Best Start Children and Family Centres and the Prental-3 subsystem are also available for viewing.