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Sunday, 22 November 2020

Stress: How do I deal with my own stress?

Q:Stress: How do I deal with my own stress?

Here are several ways to help deal with your day-to-day stress:

  • If you have any physical symptoms, such as headaches, dizziness, racing heart, etc., consult your physician immediately.

  • Think about what's really important to you. Eliminate or let go of the things that are not at the top of your list.

  • Look at everything you do and decide what you can control and what you can't. Put the things you can control in order of importance, and try not to worry about the things you can't control.

  • Learn to say "no" sometimes, so that you don't take on more than you can handle. Don't be so busy satisfying everybody else that you end up with everybody happy but you.

  • Make sure to build in some time for yourself to relax, whether it's reading a book, going for a walk at lunch time or having a long bath. Try to arrange with your partner, or a friend, to see that you have some time for yourself. Everything will look brighter when you can meet some of your own needs.

  • Make sure you're getting enough physical activity and eating properly - these may seem trivial, but they can make all the difference to your state of mind.

  • Try to stop yourself if you find that you are taking things out on your family. If you are frequently irritable and unpredictable, or having emotional outbursts, your family will withdraw their support when you really need it.