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Monday, 23 November 2020

How is reading to my child beneficial to his language development?

Q:How is reading to my child beneficial to his language development?

The latest science tells us that reading to our children does much more than please and delight them. It helps them to build a large vocabulary and a range of language skills such as good listening and comprehension skills, which will help him learn to communicate and which are also related to children's reading ability as they grow.

As a parent, you can do many things to turn story time into learning time:

  • Open a book and read to your child to introduce her to basic aspects of reading, such as the way to hold a book and how to turn a page.

  • Read favourite books again and again. This will help her learn vocabulary. With enough repetition, she may also learn to tell the story on her own. Praise her for the new words she has learned and for her good memory.

  • Stop often and ask your toddler or preschooler questions about what you have just read, and what might happen next. This will help him develop listening skills and increase his comprehension of what you are reading. He'll also begin to learn how stories are organized.

  • Give clues about how reading works. Point to the words and pictures on the page as you read aloud to show him how the words go from left to right across the page, how words are separated by spaces, how words are made up of letters, and how pictures of objects correspond to words.

    There are other ways you can promote language and pre-literacy skills in your child, such as pointing to and naming objects around the room to increase comprehension and vocabulary, saying nursery rhymes and playing rhyming games to help him manipulate sounds, and having conversations during everyday activities.

    Knowing you are teaching your child as well as pleasing him, is one of the real rewards of parenting.

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